Why You Should Be Using Custom Packaging for Your Business

In a market where packaging has a significant influence on consumer purchasing patterns, incorporating custom made product packaging into your business can elevate your brand’s appearance and capture the attention of potential customers.

Approximately one third of purchase choices are based on packaging, and in a market saturated with competition, your packaging choices are powerful in deterring or encouraging customer purchase decisions from your business. On average, consumers will make a purchase decision within 3-7 seconds and will choose an item based on several factors, with the packaging being highly influential.

Colour, design, and innovation within your packaging’s custom design all contribute to the overall appearance of the product, and these elements used in conjunction with one another can create a visually appealing product that can persuade buyers to select your product over your competitors. In a market defined by competition, this consumer behaviour can make or break your business and can help foster brand loyalty and preference within your existing customer base.


Colour is arguably one of the most influential custom-made product packaging features, with existing generalisations and associations being taken advantage of to elevate branding messages. For example, the utilisation of green, depending on context, can imply a variety of things such as sustainability and environmentally friendly branding, all natural ingredients or materials, or in a food context, a peppermint flavour. Through taking advantage of these generalisations, custom made product packaging can communicate a large amount of information to your consumers in a short amount of time.


In addition to colour, custom made product packaging can aid in communicating a sense of luxury in its design, drawing in consumers and providing information about the quality of the product. Customisation offers flexibility in its design and composition, allowing businesses to tailor their packaging to their brand. Whether the brand is luxurious and high-end, or accessible for all consumers – packaging design can help communicate this to the consumer.

Brand Awareness

In addition to encouraging consumer purchases, custom packaging can increase and strengthen brand awareness, putting your brand in the forefront of potential customer’s minds. Through various customisation of packing such as custom printed boxes, custom printed folding cartons, and custom printed packaging boxes, your brand can reach a wide array of people who may have otherwise not had an opportunity to connect with your business, and can encourage conversions through brand recognition.

When consumers are looking to purchase a product from specifically your business, having easily recognisable packaging can aid this process. Easily recognisable fonts, designs, colours as part of your custom-made product packaging makes the conversion process seamless for your loyal customer, preventing them from converting with your competitors instead.

Custom Packaging Manufacturers

When utilised in the right way, custom packaging can make a huge difference for businesses when it comes to increasing conversions and customer loyalty. With the customisation of design elements such as colours, fonts, shape, and size, you can make your products stand out from the competition, and draw customers in.

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