Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper Sheets

Boost your brand awareness with our custom printed greaseproof paper solutions made in Australia

Showcase your brand, and build brand awareness easily and effectively with your custom designed printed Greaseproof Paper

Custom designed and printed superior quality, high grease resistant sheets in bleached or unbleached paper choice which is suitable for a range of food packaging and presentation applications to promote your brand; Burger Wrap, Sandwich Wrap, Panini Wrap, Focacia Wrap, Bagel Wrap, Pastry Wrap, Hotdog Wrap and all range of food wrapping requirements.  Other applications include liners for Food Baskets, Disposable tray liners, Open board toppers, Display cabinet liners, Grazing box liners, Plate liners and more, including option to use as a gift wrap solution.

Small runs – minimum 1,000 sheets, with quick turn around time, single colour through to full colour option – cut to any size required.   Refer below for more details;

  • High quality

    Bleached and unbleached greaseproof options

  • Digitally printed

    Providing excellent print quality

  • No print plates required

  • Print runs

    Small quantity print runs are available

  • Minimum Order

    Quantity – 1,000 sheets

  • Custom design print

    Logo branding or print of choice

  • Colour Options

    Single or multi-colour available

  • Multiple size

    Size options available to suit your needs

  • Quick turnaround

    When quick delivery matters


Standard  Sheet Sizes:

Half 400mm x 320mm
Third 400mm x 220mm
Qtr 200mm x 320mm
Qtr Long 400mm x 160mm

Cut to Size
As required – eg  150mm x 150mm

Ideal for

  • Hygienic Food Wrap
  • Fast Food Container Liners
  • Tray Liners
  • Enhance product display cabinets
  • Plate liners

Greaseproof Paper Quote

Buy Custom-Printed Greaseproof Paper Sheets From Branding Leaders in Australia

We digitally print quality, made to order, bleached and unbleached greaseproof paper to serve as plate and tray liners, hygienic food wrap, fast food container liners, and enhance product display cabinets. Simply provide us with your custom-designed logo, whichever branding information you want to convey, and choose between the multiple size options and colours we have available. We offer quick turnaround times on our short run press in Australia for small to medium volumes. We also offer larger run options via an alternate print process. Secure a free quote today.

The Benefits of Our Affordable Greaseproof Paper Sheets

We can cut your printed sheets to size, or you can select from our standard range. These greaseproof paper sheets provide an easy, cost-effective way to present and package food, whether you sell burgers, sandwiches, hot food, bakery items, confectionery, or delicious grazing platters – Set your products apart from your competitors’, extend your advertising reach, and promote brand awareness with the addition of a customised greaseproof sheet. Printed locally in Australia by Star Stuff Group, customised greaseproof paper adds value.  We can also die-cut printed greaseproof paper into shapes.

Paper products are better for the environment than plastic, our greaseproof paper grades both bleached and unbleached is recyclable, enabling you to promote sustainability, and are a great marketing tool when branded rather than plain and generic.

What You Stand to Gain When You Buy Our Printed Greaseproof Paper

This product has several unique uses, whichever food industry you may be involved. Manufacturers refine the greaseproof paper stock and treat it with substances to produce sheets with low porosity, and our clients in the packaging and cooking industries use it because oil and grease cannot easily permeate it.

It resists heat, water, fat, and oil, is protective and so can serve as a placemat. You can put it between pieces of meat inside the freezer to prevent them from sticking together, roll it into a cone to serve chips or popcorn, or use it as a funnel for pouring liquid. It is microwave-safe, preventing splatters when you place it over a bowl of food. Wrap a block of cheese in it to stay fresh or put it between the dough and your rolling pin to prevent them from sticking together. So, there are many options outside the typical uses of tray liners, food wraps.