Custom Sized Mailer Boxes

With online sales seeing continued growth more and more companies are investing in custom printed mailer cartons to provide that added consumer experience on arrival of their deliveries. Mailer cartons are sturdy “shipper” boxes that are able to be fully customised in size and graphic design.   It presents a distinctive  branding and marketing opportunity through the supply chain with it’s functionality for purpose during transit and providing an “unwrapping experience” on arrival to the consumer with added brand recognition and awareness to complete the purchase cycle.

  • Full colour – 1 or 2 sides – as required  ( Branded messaging  inside )
  • Lock in sides per traditional mailers to secure carton
  • Gloss or Matt Finish
  • Metallic, hot foil and / or holographic special features
  • Textured effects, spot UV
  • A range of corrugated flute boards available
  • Minimum order quantities to support your growth stages
  • 100% recyclable options available

Mailer cartons are also becoming popular with companies that offer subscription products where each month or as determined a specified – new product collection is sent to subscribers.

Star Stuff Group is here to assist you in a collaborative approach in design and innovation to determine the best solution in mailer cartons to suit your product and application.

Online shopping is thriving and as an entrepreneur, how you ship your products is vital to your virtual business. Designing impactful, striking, packaging that showcases your organisation’s unique character and assists to build brand recognition. Using custom mailer boxes to deliver goods to consumers sets your business apart amidst the fierce competition in the e-commerce industry. Star Stuff Group can help you design and manufacture a custom mailer box to bring your brand vision to life.

A mailer box is not just a bare cardboard vessel anymore, and the unboxing of a product has become a vital part of the consumer experience. Your mailer boxes are an extension of your product and an advertisement for your business. Custom size mailer boxes, irregular shapes, unique finishes and personal touches give your product the wow factor and leave your customers wanting more. Consumers are more likely to suggest or recall beautifully presented boxes to their social groups, organically helping you create brand identity and awareness.

Designing a customised mailer box to hold goods securely ensures that they arrive in perfect condition and reduces the risk of damage and the subsequent cost of return shipping and replacement product requirements. The mailer carton size and material thickness impact the durability of your mailer box, and we can help you find the right solution for your business and specific products.

There are so many online businesses and e-commerce shopping sites that standing out can feel impossible at times. Good graphics and packaging design can elevate your business and help you market your products remotely. Here are four mailer box customisation ideas for inspiration.

Finishes and colours can help promote your brand. Choose colours from your marketing colour palette for the outside of your boxes and include text inside the lid for maximum effect. Add a matte finish for a softer, more luxurious look or a glossy finish for a shiny extra-protective layer.

Metallic, hot foil and holographic elements catch the light and make your mailer boxes sparkle. Incorporating small areas of gold and silver foil can introduce grandeur and luxury into your packaging. Holographic foil creates a 3D rainbow effect popular with younger audiences.

Texture and text are crucial for your mailer boxes. Adding your business name to the outside of the box draws attention to your brand during transit and long after delivery. Using textured cardboard as an alternative to colour can create an elegant minimal design.

Embossing or Spot UV (or both) can add that extra dimension to your custom mailer carton and provide that point of differentiation, to be memorable and unique to build instant brand recall.

Star Stuff Group provides high-quality custom mailer boxes across Australia and internationally. We have over thirty years of industry experience, and we are passionate about creating unique packaging solutions. Our professional team will gladly consult with you and offer trusted advice on packing, printing, and shipping for your business. Contact us for more information.

We offer a low minimum order quantities through to large quantity runs to support your business growth or product development stages.