Tea can be packaged in a variety of different ways: Side Gusset Bags, Quad-Seal Bags, Flat Bottom Pouches, Stand-Up Pouches, Cartons, Cylinders, Tins. Any type of tea packaging format you require to pack & promote your product / brand, we will be able to assist.

Order Our Quality Tea Packaging – Custom Made and Printed

Perhaps you are embarking on the exciting phase of developing your brand, or you have already established your beverage company, and you wish to develop and secure a fresh new look for your Tea packaging. When it comes to preserving the flavour and aroma of the tea you sell, it is best to consider your specific packaging requirements prior to finalising the tea packaging designs.

Tea Packaging Options

  • Stand – Up Zip Lock Pouches also known as Doy Pouches
  • Side Gusset Pouches
  • Quad Sealed Pouches
  • Flat Bottom Pouches
  • Cartons
  • Cylinders
  • Tins

Tea Packaging Bag Options

Stand Up Pouches are a common tea packaging option. The flat bottomed bag design allows the pouch to stand by itself; it combines a side gusset with a stand up format that provides excellent shelf presence and impact. There is also the quad seal bag with a more sophisticated, modular look. Option to pack into cartons, cylinders or tins might also be desired. If you are considering sample sachets or single-use tea packaging, we suggest a three side seal packaging bag / sachet option.

Tea Cylinders or Tea Tins

Option for product differentiation, or perhaps a stand-out or unique blend you wish to highlight within your range, or a feature cylinder or tin that could be reused by refill from bags – no matter the goal objective there are several production options for cylinders and tins.    We offer standard tooling on round cylinders, round,square edged or rectangle tins, with several lidding closure options to assist you to create the ideal design for your product requirement.  Cylinders minimum order is 3,000units  ( 3 Kinds x 1000 is possible ) ,  Tins are 3,000units minimum.

Tea Cartons

We also can produce a range of different carton types to suit your tea packaging requirements.  From 500units per sku with a range of embellishments;  Hot foil stamping, die cut out windows, embosed sections, windows with inner bags for packing. Cartons are a versatile option for tea packing and presentation.   Minimum 500 units per kind.

The Benefits of High Quality, Printed Packaging

If you consider how many people drink tea on a daily basis, then you will know that you are entering a very competitive market. However, you can stand out from the competition through intriguing, dynamic tea packaging designs. With 30 years in the branding and packaging industries, we can advise you on what will work best for your brand’s look and feel and deliver high-quality printing on your tea packaging.

Growing your brand and developing brand identity through the use of custom made and printed tea packaging is an important step in the growth of your brand.

Star Stuff Group can guide you in any type / form of packaging and assist with design tips and considerations as you develop your desired packaging and branding combination.  Our modern production facilities and cutting edge print and conversion technologies produce exceptional quality products to enable your brand to shine.

There are countless numbers of combinations to produce your desired look and appeal and to fit within your values and principles for which your brand represents and your marketing is intended.

  • Natural kraft outer for an organic appeal
  • Full graphic for impact and intrigue
  • High-end – quality, prestige, luxury brand
  • Elegant in simplicity

Tailored options to suit – pouches, bags, thickness, sizes, colours, images, finishes – Matt / Gloss,  Features –  Zip Locks, Tear Notches,  Hang-sell, Tin Ties,  Windows and more

Industry standard packaging volumes for tea – 50g, 100g, 150g,  250g, 500g, 1kg, or custom

Reasons to Choose The Right Packaging

These days consumers are not always as brand loyal and prefer or seek to try new products. With this in mind, perhaps consider a trial pack option where the consumer can test your brand first, without committing to an entire bag.

Providing different package sizes and options enables the consumer to choose – what is convenient for them and suits their behaviours. Sometimes simple, minimal design is the potentially the best way forward to secure attention if you imagine your brand among the other competitors on the shelves. The consumer is already overwhelmed by the colours, images and choices available, so simple design and convenient features such as, add a zipper, tear notch or tin tie (fold down secure seal) to provide consumers with added convenience as part of your packaging design.

Always keep your target market in mind and what they would prefer when they choose a tea brand.

Please contact us with any queries or to discuss your requirements.

Examples of Packaging Options

We can assist you, whether you’re after a Side Gusset Bags, Quad-Seal Bags, Flat Bottom Pouches or Stand-Up Pouches, any types of coffee packaging format you require to pack & promote your product / brand.