Custom Flexible Packaging

Printed / Unprinted Rewind

Flexible packaging is a broad term used to describe different types of film-based substrates that are used to produce, rewind, sachets, pouches, bags, lidding films and more. The traditional use of the word flexible packaging was best used to describe rewind, which we will explore further.

Rewind is a flexible packaging option for a flat film substrate that is supplied (rewound) on a roll.  Rewind can be unprinted or printed.

Unprinted rewind is commonly used in wrapping applications and or bag manufacturing.  Printed rewind is commonly required for specific packaging that is suited for a range of automated in line packaging machines, such a flow wrappers or form, fill and seal machines.

Printed rewind commonly consists of a continuous repetitive image printed which is available as a surface print or trap printed laminations and can be constructed from a range of quality film substrates such as BOPP,  LDPE, LLPDE, HDPE, PET, OPP, CPP, NYLON, EVOH, Aluminium Foil, High Barrier, Metallised options,  Anti-Fog, Anti-Static, Anti-Slip, De-Metallisation, PVDC, ALOX and more.   Centre folded films are also an option.

Printing in full colour graphics either digitally, gravure or flexographically, there are additional enhancements with spot UV embellishment, metallic foil highlights, matt finishes, gloss finishes, demetallised windows, registration markers, Macro-Perforation, Micro-Perforations, Band Perforation, Hole Punching, Steam Release ( micro-wave ), De-Gassing Valves ( coffee, kimchi ), Handles, Spouts or micro perforations through to small and larger hole punches.

The combinations are wide and varied and can be tailored to suit your specific product / item both in terms of practical packaging /machinery specification requirements to functional product / item packaging presentation desires to provide optimal outcomes.

Describe your branding and specific requirements and secure a flexible packaging rewind solution from our ideas-oriented Australian team. We offer exceptional customer service, quality products, cutting-edge technology, and more than 30 years of experience. We can assist, whether you require packaging for the cosmetic, beauty, health, medical, food, pet, industrial or any other industry. We invite you to email us or call to discuss your prerequisites so we can provide your company with the ideal product packaging option to suit the product needs, and marketing and branding goals.

Our family-owned and run company is a strong leader in the flexible packaging industry to support design conception, collaboration, through to production and delivery to meet specific needs in all aspects of the creative and practical process. We have clients in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, PNG, The Pacific Region, the USA, the UK, and several other countries.

We engage a consultative approach that has transformed the packaging process to a fully inclusive, interactive experience. Our team focuses on understanding and analysing your brand to ascertain where and how consumers use your merchandise. We offer advice that suits your product, provide the appropriate technical specifications, and determine whether the packaging you choose will meet your branding needs. We may propose aspects that can improve your initial decisions and offer several printing options for your requirements. We provide an end-to-end service to give you packaging that delivers your business campaign needs, which may go beyond just the packaging element to including labels, brochures, display stands, shelf talkers & wobblers, signage and all manner of marketing and promotional materials to assist your brand to be presented to enjoy optimal impact, exposure and recall.

We tailor our products to suit our clients, whether they need short prototype runs or major commercial overhauls. Our innovative team attains excellent results with the latest printing technology on a variety of materials. We supply to the wholesale trade and directly to end-users and offer support to suit all business collaborations to specific requirements.

Our All About Packaging division is in the business of developing and promoting flexible, creative solutions that suit an extensive range of requirements and merchandise. We understand that packaging not only protects your product but is a branding and sales tool that heightens your marketing strategy and is, therefore, a vital trade component.

We will develop a functional, durable, custom-made flexible packaging product that accomplishes your goals covering; product shelf life requirements, shelf presentation with an amalgamation of retail marketing experience, project management, comprehensive print production, and cost efficient knowledge to deliver your product solution. Discover our efficient, unrivalled customer service at competitive prices.