Terms of Trade

  1. The Buyer shall be responsible for testing and determining the suitability of the material for the purpose for which it’s intended to be used.
  2. Payment is required prior to production or as per agreed terms. Any deposits paid are non-refundable once the order has been confirmed. Visa/Mastercard payments are accepted and there will be a 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments.
  3. Tolerances – Please note that a tolerance of 1-3mm in sizing must be allowed for and accepted. Final quantities manufactured may vary up to +/- 10% (overruns / underruns) and will be charged out accordingly.
  4. Artwork Proofs – Once artwork has been finalised we will send you an electronic proof for checking. This must be approved before production will begin. If there are any changes to be made you must convey the changes in written form only. Whilst all reasonable care is taken in preparation of final artwork approvals, the final artwork that is approved by you is your responsibility. You will need to check the placement and layout of all text and images, as well as the measurements of your product. This includes any special features required.
  5. Colours – Please note that the colours on paper proofs (or seen on computer screens) may vary to final print results. This is due to different materials being used in production. All colours will be printed as per the artwork supplied to us (either CMYK / PMS colours). If you need to match a specific colour we will request the exact PMS colour or a physical sample to be provided, noting variation may still occur relative to the machines and substrates the final product will be produced on.
  6. Samples – Any locally made “Mock-Up” samples are acknowledged to be indicative in nature, and noted that there will be differences to that of the commercially produced product due to the stock and processes being different to those used to produce a mock up sample.  If a production sample is required it will be an additional cost and add additional time onto the total production time.
  7. Plates –  Are a once off set up cost on an initial order, it will not be chargeable on reprints within the life-span of the plates ( unless an Artwork change is required ). If the plates are not re-used in a 12month period, new plates will be required.   ( For cylinders the total number of colours/ plates is to be confirmed during the artwork approval. If no repeat orders within 12months the plates will expire ).  Plates and tooling are not transferable to another supplier.
  8. Freight – Freight must be paid at customer’s expense unless otherwise arranged.  Where addition to orders, or a request to expedite / airfreight items is requested – any additional applicable freight variable will be calculated based on weight and volume of the goods and the relative freight options available at the time of requirement.
  9. Lead Time – lead times vary depending on the product and will be advised on the time of quoting.  It is to be noted that the lead time does not commence until both approved artwork and any required payment/deposit has been received by Star Stuff Group.  If a production sample is ordered this is separate to the lead-time to the commercial production order.
  10. Acceptance – If a quote / order is confirmed by email or verbally it means that these terms and conditions have been read and accepted and the order will go to production.
  11. All warranties and representations not set out herein are hereby excluded to the extent permitted by Law and all liability of Star Stuff Graphic Pty Ltd (the company) for damages consequential or otherwise is excluded. To the extent that the Company may be liable for a breach of condition or warranty implied by Section of the Trade Practices Act, 1974 (other than a condition or warranty implied by Section 69 of the Act), the liability of the Company shall be limited to the replacement of the material concerned, the supply of the equivalent material or the repair of the material, whichever is determined by it.
  12. The Buyer shall inspect them immediately upon delivery and no claims will be recognised unless made in writing and received by the Company within ten (10) days after receipt of the material of the Buyer.
  13. Until the Buyer has paid monies owed to the Company then ownership of all material supplied by the Company to the Buyer under this contract or otherwise remains with the Company and the Buyer:
    1. Shall hold any such material in its possession or that of its employees or agents, as bailee of the Seller.
    2. Shall in the event that any of the material is sold by the Buyer then such a sale shall be as an agent for the Company and shall pay them to the proceeds of sale on behalf of the Company and shall pay them to the Company on request and any agreement by the Company to extend credit to the Buyer or any other indulgence shall not affect the Buyer’s liability to account to the Seller as aforesaid or the ownership of the material by the Company.
    3. Shall if the Company so requires, agree to store the material so as to show clearly that it is the Company’s property and shall keep the material fully insured at its own expense and shall hold the proceeds of any insurance claim in respect to the material (to the extent of the Buyer’s indebtedness to the Company) in trust for the Company.
    4. Upon any default by it in payment of any amount due to the Company, irrevocably authorises the Company by its servants or agents to enter any premises, owned, leased or otherwise occupied by the Buyer, any agent or associate of the Buyer for the purpose of taking possession of the material and hereby authorises the Company by its servants or agents to use all reasonable force to obtain such possession.Not withstanding anything in this clause, risk in the material passes to the Buyer upon delivery of the material by the Company to the Buyer, its employees or agents.
  14. The material has been supplied on the basis that these conditions form part of the sale. If the Buyer does not accept these conditions he shall return the material to the Company at the expense of the Buyer within ten (10) days after the delivery to the Buyer an if should fail to do so, these conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted by him.
  15. Materials used in the production of Self-Adhesive, Printed or Unprinted Paper, Plastic, Aluminium, or other Products are used and sold by us as their manufacturer supplies them to us. Therefore, as we have no control over the quality or suitability of the product or substrate, we suggest you run thorough tests before using the product, as we accept NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever regarding any aspect of the suitability, appearance, or functionality of Self Adhesive Products, Printed or Unprinted Paper, Plastic, Aluminium, or other Products.