What is grease proof paper?

Why Should I Use Grease Proof Paper in my Business?


Imagine your customers being reminded of your business with every bite of their meal, as they reach for their lunch, or simply just as they browse your display cabinet. Strong branding is crucial for businesses, and custom grease proof paper can help achieve this!

With almost every industry having strong competition, standing out from the crowd is a big deal for businesses. Investing in eye-catching and inviting packaging, such as customised greaseproof paper sheets, helps draw attention to your brand and keeps it in the forefront of people’s minds.

Customised grease proof paper can be printed with your business logo, slogan, or imagery helping you create a lasting impression with your customers and extend your customer. With the popularity of social media, the opportunity for your brand to be shared by customers posting their food or dining experiences is not to miss.

When done right, branding has a huge impact on the perception of your business. Taking control of your branding and strategically planning it allows you to control how your customer base resonates with your business. Whilst seemingly insignificant, adding touches of branding throughout the entire customer journey, especially once they have finished the transaction with your business, fosters brand-loyalty and keeps your products in customers’ minds for longer.

Custom grease proof paper is a fantastic way to facilitate the branding journey beyond simply purchasing something with your business. By including customised greaseproof paper sheets with your food products, such as a food wrapper or a takeout box liner, your branding leaves the store or is delivered straight to your customers’ table creating a more memorable and customised experience, keeping your customers coming back for more.


Greaseproof paper sheets aren’t just perfect for branding but are incredibly versatile to have on hand for your business. Whether you are looking for takeaway options such as food wrappers or takeaway box liners, wanting to elevate your display cabinet whilst keeping it tidy, wanting customised gift wrapping, to easily separate food in the fridge or freezer, or looking to decoratively plate your food, the options are truly endless.


Who doesn’t love a little luxury to break up the mundanity of everyday life? Adding touches of customisation for your customers elevates your business, giving off a more put-together and aesthetic (and shareable) presentation of the food being served to them. Simply adding a customised greaseproof paper sheet underneath a pastry or lining a basket holding fries, whilst only taking moments to do, creates a far more special customer experience.

Customised grease proof paper is an incredibly powerful tool for any food-industry business to utilise. Taking only a second to include in a takeaway box or adding to a dine-in experience, multifunctional customised greaseproof paper sheets strengthen your branding and keep your business in the forefront of customers’ minds, whilst adding a little extra luxury to the overall experience.

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