Retort Pouches

A retort pouch or retortable pouches are a form of sterile packaging and suitable for a wide variety of foods that require aseptic handling and processing requirements.  Retort pouches are used as a cost effective alternative to metal can packaging whilst providing the same shelf stability and storage objectives.  The films used in retort pouches must be high quality superior laminates, with high burst and tear strength and high integrity seals to withstand them being submersed in hot boiling water or heated in microwave or oven environments. They are required to withstand temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius.

Retort Pouches are suitable for; soups, simmer sauces, pre-packed convenience heat and eat meals, all range of products that require high temperature reheat or cooking function or if a sterile packaged environment is required for the specific item.  The advantage of the retort pouch is that food products can be raw or pre-cooked (so for reheat quick meal purposes) prior to being placed into the retort package and are able to be sterilised much quicker at lower temperatures which is an improved benefit over traditional rigid container processing.  In addition, the retort pouch typically requires less volume space to that of a cylindrical container to pack the same volume of goods, the actual volume of packaging product required is significantly less when using a retort pouch to a traditional rigid container – which saves packaging costs, shipping costs and shelf space allocation requirements.  The other key benefit for the consumer is the enhanced flavour preservation of the food by using retort packaging.

Star Stuff Group provides state of the art production capability to the highest production standards on custom printed retort pouches with several variables of customisation to choose from depending on the product to be packaged and the performance requirements of the bag / pouch. With retort pouches we print via the gravure process and the minimum order is 10,000 units for fully customised size, shape, print design requirements, with carefully selected substrate combinations to suit your specific product.