Lidding Film

Star Stuff Group offer a range of lidding film substrates and laminates to seal to various base containers and trays from yogurt lidding films, fresh pasta, meat products to pre-prepared ready meals and more.   Typically, a light-weight film that is designed to control water vapour and oxygen transmission rates to deliver barrier properties to optimise product freshness and shelf life.  These films are fully customisable to provide high product visibility options if desired or full coverage print to support branding goals and objectives to produce a stand-out product package that attracts attention and provides a functional fit for purpose product packing solution.


Easy peel, puncture resistant, flexible and durable properties to create effective product and user-friendly characteristics.

Lidding films can be produced using high barrier PVC/ PVDC, PET/PE, NYLON/ PE EVOH layer options and more which increases the shelf-life of the product, maintaining optimal freshness reducing food spoilage.

A resealable film allows for extension of the product’s use, making it easy for consumers to store and use even after opening.

Products packaged on high speed automated packaging machines benefit from anti-static additives incorporated into the lidding film to support optimal packaging efficiencies by avoiding surface static friction created during the packing process

Products that require / desire see-through high visibility are recommended to utilise a lidding film with antifog properties, so the products remain easily visible for best presentation results.

Depending on the product packaging line, set interval perforations are an option.  There are also micro perforation and hole punching options depending on the product and the specific requirement.

With the continued increase in ready-made, quick and easy meal solutions from freezer to oven/microwave to table, there are lidding films that support the dual requirement of transition from cold / frozen environment to warm / hot reheat or cooking requirements, with specific substrates to deliver this functionality.

Advances in lidding films are providing a range of combustible and eco-friendly solutions to align with your companies values, goals and objectives whilst providing product functionality.

Star Stuff Group can provide a product lidding solution tailored to your product, packing, branding goals and objectives.