Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat Bottom Pouch aptly describes the package format; it makes a statement. It combines the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag and stand-up pouch, and rolls it into a package that sits narrow on the shelf, doesn’t tip over and squares up like a box. Also often referred to as a Block Bottom Pouch, Box Bottom Pouch or Square Bottom Pouch.

Flat Bottom Pouches are heat – sealable and ideal for hand packaging with a bar or foot heat sealer or fully automated filling production lines with inbuilt sealing heat stations. Flat bottom pouches are light weight and durable making them a perfect packaging solution for many product types.

Flat Bottom Zipper Pouches – are available in a significant range of substrate lamination combinations are available to provide optimum barrier from oxygen and water vapour transmission thus providing ideal product preservation and achieving shelf life goals.

In the world of packaging, there are many ways to stand out. It is the Flat Bottom Pouch makes a statement.

Star Stuff Group – provides state of the art production capability to the highest production standards on custom printed flat bottom pouches with several variables of customisation to choose from including;

ALU ( Aluminium ),  PP ( Poly Propylene ), BOPP  ( Biaxually Orientated Polypropylene ) Clear and Metallised, PET  (Polyester) Clear and Metalised  ,  PE – (Poly Ethylene) , PA  ( Polyamide  commonly known as Nylon) , EVOH ( Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer  = high barrier film ), EVA  ( Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol ),  PLA ( Polyactic  Acid ) – Biodegradable,  Recyclable and Paper Options. Eg White or Brown Kraft .   Different substrates provide different benefits and laminated combinations provide optimum packaging goal solutions for your product.

Consumer friendly convenient  resealable – Zip locks,  Tear notches for easy open,  degassing values for those products that require ( eg – coffee ), Clear see-through windows for actual product visibility, round or euro  hang hole options for retail display flexibility, handle options for larger products for easy of consumer purchasing, square or rounded corners,  metallic or foil embellishments for added appeal,  Micro perforations or laser score options,  Gloss or Matt print finishes,  spot UV highlights.

Star Stuff Group produce stand up pouches by Digital Print or Gravure Print processes.

  • Minimum Order Quantity for Digital = 1,000 Pouches
  • No Print Plates are required for Digital Production
  • Minimum Order Quantity for Gravure = 5,000 Pouches
  • Print Plates are required for Gravure Production

A great flexible packaging option, the flat bottom pouch offering a myriad of substrate and features to enable your product package to be functional, fit for purpose whilst providing a beneficial presentation package to compliment your branding objectives