Side Gusset Bags

What is a side gusset bag?

A side gusset bag is a modern and smart optimum form of packaging; it’s sturdy design allows the pack to stand on its own to provide excellent shelf presentation.  The bag has a gusset on both sides that open to expand to provide a larger fill volume area.  The bag typically has a fin seal seam at the back with a sealed base with an open top for product fill purposes prior to sealing.  Once product is filled into a side gusset bag, by design the base transforms to a square or rectangle (depending on the bag dimensions) to form a flat bottom – which enables it to present upright proud on a flat base.  The side gussets of the bag also provide additional area for product information or added branding or promotional opportunities.

Side gusset bags can be made from several different laminate substrate structures to provide optimal packaging requirements for your specific product needs in terms of food certified, high grade barrier properties to ensure the product maintains full integrity and freshness for the duration of the indicated shelf life so consumers receive your product – as is intended.

Depending on the product and the marketing and branding goals there are many features in the printing process and bag manufacturing process to enhance the look and performance of the side gusset bag chosen to best present your product.

Bags can be made to size and print specification that you desire / require.  Printing in full colour graphics either digitally, gravure or flexographically, there are additional enhancements with spot UV embellishments, metallic foil highlights, matt finishes, gloss finishes, demetalised windows and more.

In addition, Star Stuff Group carry a range of clear laminate side gusset bags in stock

We also produce labels for information and branding for our clear side gusset stock bags

We’d be delighted to assist you and welcome you to contact us to discuss your requirements.