Shrink Sleeves and Tamper Evident Security Seals

Shrink sleeves are often used as labels on different shaped bottles, cans, containers, cartons, vessel, tins and jars.

Most commonly Shrink PVC – which provides the ideal shrinkage in the machine and transverse directions of the film is best at securing an exact mould to the specific shape of the object being shrink wrap labelled. (drink containers, shampoo bottles, cleaning product sprays).   Shrink PET is also a popular option for those items that have a more uniform consistent shape. (eg. Lip balm sticks).

Shrink sleeves are also very commonly used as tamper evident seals in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and general consumable markets.

It is used on the top of containers to secure the lid to the base of the bottle, container, cartons, vessel or jar to provide security and peace of mind to the consumer that the product has not been interfered with whilst on display and provides assurance that the product reaches the consumer as produced.

Note: we also produce tamper evident label options as an alternative to shrink sleeves.

Shrink sleeves are also used for product combining / packaging solutions for promotional campaigns, twin or gift pack or companion add on product desires – shrink sleeves offer a range of packaging versatility.  Shrink films can be shrunk using heat guns or shrink tunnels.

Shrink films can be plain / coloured or printed, in a range of diametres and lengths to suit and can incorporate scored perforations to create easy tear / open accessibility to “break the seal”.

Star Stuff group can assist to determine the correct film and shrink sleeve parameters solution to suit your specific product labelling or tamper evident objectives.