Resin Stickers

A high quality, cost effective branding pop

Resin decals are a simple and cost effective way to make your company branding pop.

Star Stuff Group’s Resin Graphics division manufactures custom-made, high quality polyurethane resin decals, badges, tags, stickers and key rings.

The durable three-dimensional lens is suitable for indoor or long-term outdoor applications, and produces a bright, eye-catching effect that will give your brand the attention it needs.

All our resin decals are Australian made, ensuring consistent high product quality.

Resin Decals are Commonly Used to Brand Items Such as:

  • Beer Tap Tops
  • Garage Doors
  • Security Screens – Windows and Doors
  • Industrial Equipment & Appliances
  • Motor Vehicles, Ute Canopies & Trucks
  • 4 x 4 Accessories
  • IT Equipment & Accessories
  • Trailers & Caravans
  • Lawnmowers, Golf Carts & PWC’s
  • Electrical Goods
  • Machinery & Accessories
  • Key Tags & Badges
  • Corporate Giftware

Standard domed label process – 5 layer process

  • Liner

    A temporary layer that will be removed when you are ready to apply the sticker to a surface

  • Adhesive

    We use the strongest adhesive to ensure the decal does not fall

  • Print Surface

    This is where the graphic printed. There are a variety of substrates that can be used.

  • Decoration/Graphic

    Colours are printed on the substrate using digital printing, offset or screen printing. Colour options include transparent, opaque and metallic.

  • Dome

    The top layer or dome is a liquid polyurethane poured over the label and cured into a crystal clear lens. The liquid flows to the edge of the label creating the domed effect. It is cured for 12 hours to create a solid and flexible bubble.

Resin Quote

Resin Labels and Domed Stickers – Only a Few of the Many Packaging Services We Provide

With more than 30 years in the packaging industry, our team can provide a wide range of high-quality services from resin labels to banners to custom greaseproof paper. If you need a team that understands packaging and how to make it work for your business, you’ve come to the right place. With Star Stuff Group by your side, you get reliable service from packaging veterans.

Resin Labels and Domed Stickers – Manufactured by Star Stuff Group in Brisbane, Australia

With more than thirty years in the packaging industry, our resin labels, or what is also known in the industry as; domed stickers, resin stickers, resin badges, resin decals, resin domed labels are a proud product in our extensive range of manufactured products. Manufactured in Brisbane, ensuring a consistent high quality produced product, every time.  Using the latest printing technology, and substrates, then resin poured overlay creates a glossy, 3D “domed” look ensures the logo or image “pops” in terms of providing that added dimension “wow factor” to your label.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Team of Experts for Resin Stickers

Resin domed stickers are a brilliant option to brand your products. These stickers offer a range of solutions, from being suitable for use on vehicles, window frames, sheds, fencing, tray backs, caravans, boats, furniture, office equipment, through to industrial equipment. Understanding why these stickers will work for your business is crucial to making the right choice, so let’s investigate.

These stickers are a very cost-effective and simple way to help your branding stand out. They look fantastic and have a durable finish that makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with strong bond, long term adhesive variables available to withstand the elements of all range of environments that your labels may need to withstand. We also offer a range of substrates from basic prints, to using brushed metal effects depending on what your brand requirement is to really showcase your resin badge at it’s best. The three-dimensional lens the resin creates assists the stickers catch the light, so they draw eyes and attention from a distance.

We work with you to make sure we meet any unique requirements regarding style. If you have a great design, the odds are high that we can turn it into a resin domed sticker that you can use on any surface.

We encourage our clients to ask questions. We know that stickers might not be everyone’s forte, but it is ours. Our professionals can answer any questions you have about which stickers would work best, whether we have other packaging solutions that might be better suited for you, and more. We’re always ready to assist, and only a phone call away.

What to Expect From Us When You Desire Resin Domed Stickers

Understanding the diverse types of resin stickers that we can provide is crucial to know whether we can meet your demands. Our team has spent years incorporating as many solutions as possible into our packaging-related products, including our resin range.

We can manufacture beer tap top decals for you. Whether you have your beer or want to make sure your customers can see the beer you have on tap from a distance, these decals are of excellent value–they look fantastic and fit comfortably onto beer taps.

We can make decals for your garage doors, so potential clients get an unobstructed view of what your brand is about when they pass your place. These decals can meet your size requirements and are highly durable so that you can use them outside with a long term focus.

Our team can meet your requirements for decals that you want to apply to industrial equipment or appliances. There is no denying the wear-and-tear that an ordinary sticker will experience on industrial equipment. However, our resin stickers will last in many tough  environments, whether in a busy factory or on the side of outdoor machines.

If you’re ready to get your hands on striking resin stickers that make your brand command attention, give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

Resin decals continue to grow in popularity as they are become recognised as a powerful and impactful branding tool to promote and build awareness of  your product and company image and appeal. They create an eye-catching effect due to the nature of light reflection off the surface of the resin.

Resin Decals are also known as;   resin badges, dome labels, dome stickers, epoxy badges, UV resin badges, polyurethane badges, or variants of those words.

Their signature attributes include a raised, three-dimensional surface with a high gloss finish. The manufacturing process of the decal creates a graphic that is highly durable. The dome itself is made from cured polyurethane and most of the durability comes from the polyurethane itself.

It is chemically inert, has a high level of UV resistance, is scratch resistant, rustproof, fade resistant, acid resistant, waterproof, and oil resistant.